Exhaust Repair in Bethlehem, PA

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When it comes to servicing your vehicle’s exhaust system, it’s so important to have it in the hands of professionals with the knowledge and expertise. A shoddy service or poor component can quickly compromise the system’s performance, which can prevent your car from performing at its best. At M&W Automotive, we want to make sure your vehicle is provided with top-quality exhaust repair. Our shop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is home to ASE Certified technicians who have decades of experience servicing all types of exhaust systems. From straight forward repairs to custom work, our techs have performed it all. In their hands, we know our techs can bring the best out of your vehicle’s exhaust system.

How We Can Help

With over two decades of experience providing exhaust services for a variety of makes and models, we truly believe our team can bring the best out of your car’s exhaust system. From major repairs to complex customization work, our staff has the equipment and expertise to handle any need you may have. Here are just a few benefits you and your vehicle will have when you opt for exhaust service with us:

Proper Repairs

Whether it’s a quick fix or a major repair, know that our ASE Certified technicians can perform any exhaust repair service your vehicle may need. Our techs carry extensive experience servicing exhaust systems and constantly keep themselves up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. Whether you’re seeing blue smoke coming from the tailpipe or your car’s fuel efficiency has dropped, know that our team is well equipped to take on any challenge your car’s exhaust will face.

Comprehensive Customization

Although we’re proud of the high-quality exhaust repairs, it’s not the only service we offer when it comes to servicing the exhaust system, as we also offer an extensive list of customization options. Looking to have specific pipes bent? Want the muffler to take on a certain appearance? Hoping to fine-tune your car’s emissions and increase fuel efficiency? Whatever result you’re trying to get out of your vehicle’s exhaust, know that our techs can help you get there with quality and care.

Schedule a Service

For over 20 years, we have strived to provide motorists all over Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with the quality exhaust repair service they deserve. Whether you’re looking for repairs or you want custom work done, know that the team at M&W Automotive can perform any exhaust service you need. Our ASE Certified technicians have extensive experience not only in the auto industry but in exhaust repair and customization services. When your car is with our team, trust that the job will get done exactly as you expect it to or better.

Want to schedule an appointment? Have questions about our services? Reach out to our service writer — Cyndi — by calling our shop at (610) 867-3088, as she’d be more than happy to help you. We happily accept walk-ins as well, so feel free to stop by for service or to book an appointment in person by visiting us on 556 Pembroke Road. Our team would love to meet you and help your vehicle reach its peak potential.